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|a seamless transition from pre-construction to construction

Shop Drawings & Submittals 

SCCI performs a through review of construction submittals and shop drawings, treating each submittal as a critical submittal, and ensuring quality control, coordination with contiguous components, and adequate time for procurement and manufacture of long lead items.

Quality Control

SCCI employs quality control measures starting from day one.  Work product is delivered and maintained to better-than-acceptable standards, thereby minimizing deficiencies typically discovered and remedied during the punchlist phase.  Working in multiple locations across the country, SCCI offers a much broader understanding of the complexities of construction, quality, and safety.





SCCI promotes an environment of transparency and open communication with its client.  This inspires the concept of teamwork, and parties can honestly and effectively communicate thoughts, ideas, concerns, and solutions to the benefit of the project.

Construction Execution

SCCI assumes responsibility for organizing, implementing, and controlling the project on behalf of its client.  This requires unyielding coordination and monitoring of daily construction activities and safety, astute record-keeping, and active communication at all times.  SCCI combines technical experience and unrivaled diligence to successfully deliver a quality construction project to every client.