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|quality and competitive pricing

Final Budget 

SCCI develops the final project/cost estimate which is a comprehensive tabulation of all necessary components including labor, material, equipment, subcontractor costs, and general conditions.  Final cost estimates and cost recommendations are analyzed and leveled through an in-depth analysis of the 3 lowest and most qualified subcontractors for each budget line item. 


This process ensures the most competitive pricing while, at the same time, preserves quality and efficiency. The same fastidious approach to securing the most qualified bidders is employed throughout the course of construction in the event that unexpected changes arise.

Final Schedule


SCCI delivers a baseline construction schedule for each project which incorprorates the full scope of work. The means and methods of construction are developed in concert with the general superintendent and the input of the major subcontractors. The schedules depict the critical path and are monitored and updated on a regular basis from the first to the last day of the project.


SCCI encourages collaborative value-engineering efforts.  Value-engineering ensures that the most feasible, functional, and cost-effective concepts are incorporated into the project without compromising the original design intent.