Construction Management

A seamless transition from pre-construction to construction.

Our Process

Plan Evaluation & Constructibility Review

SCCI uses its expertise and experience, as well as the experience of its key subcontractors to evaluate the drawings and offer recommendations to the client or architect as to the overall feasibility of the building construction, architectural components, and systems within the building.

Preliminary Budgets & Schedules

SCCI can prepare a preliminary budget for its client based on conceptual plans and estimates. Preliminary budgets are determined using conceptual information from the client and historical data from prior construction experience. SCCI prepares a preliminary schedule to depict project duration and major milestones. Preliminary planning allows the client to make intelligent decisions early, ensuring success during the upcoming design and construction phases.

Site Logistics

SCCI analyzes the best approach to site logistics. Forethought and planning of the site’s usability before and during construction ensures that the most proficient approach to site logistics is implemented without disruption to planned site preparation, utility work, and site finishes.

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Final Budget

SCCI develops the final project/cost estimate which is a comprehensive tabulation of all necessary components including labor, material, equipment, subcontractor costs, and general conditions. Final cost estimates and cost recommendations are analyzed and leveled through an in-depth analysis of the 3 lowest and most qualified subcontractors for each budget line item.

This process ensures the most competitive pricing while, at the same time, preserves quality and efficiency. The same fastidious approach to securing the most qualified bidders is employed throughout the course of construction in the event that unexpected changes arise.

Final Schedule

SCCI delivers a baseline construction schedule for each project which incorporates the full scope of work. The means and methods of construction are developed in concert with the general superintendent and the input of the major subcontractors. The schedules depict the critical path and are monitored and updated on a regular basis from the first to the last day of the project.

Value Engineering

SCCI encourages collaborative value-engineering efforts. Value-engineering ensures that the most feasible, functional, and cost-effective concepts are incorporated into the project without compromising the original design intent.
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Shop Drawings & Submittals

SCCI performs a through review of construction submittals and shop drawings, treating each submittal as a critical submittal, and ensuring quality control, coordination with contiguous components, and adequate time for procurement and manufacture of long lead items.

Quality Control

SCCI employs quality control measures starting from day one. Work product is delivered and maintained to better-than-acceptable standards, thereby minimizing deficiencies typically discovered and remedied during the punch-list phase. Working in multiple locations across the country, SCCI offers a much broader understanding of the complexities of construction, quality, and safety.

Site Logitics

SCCI promotes an environment of transparency and open communication with its client. This inspires the concept of teamwork, and parties can honestly and effectively communicate thoughts, ideas, concerns, and solutions to the benefit of the project.

Construction Execution

SCCI assumes responsibility for organizing, implementing, and controlling the project on behalf of its client. This requires unyielding coordination and monitoring of daily construction activities and safety, astute record-keeping, and active communication at all times. SCCI combines technical experience and unrivaled diligence to successfully deliver a quality construction project to every client.

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SCCI actively ensures the quality, functionality, and readiness of its installations. As your General Contractor/Construction Manager, preparations are made well in advance to ensure that adequate system pre-testing and testing is performed in-house and prior to TCO and/or AHJ inspections. Ultimately, this minimizes the punchlist period and mitigates delays often associated with failed tests and inspections.

Final close-out documents, such as Operation & Maintenance manuals and As-Built drawings are maintained throughout the course of construction and are delivered promptly to the client, and any training of client staff will take place.

As the project nears close-out, it will be prepared for the final transition from jobsite to finished product, and our client can assume occupation and use of its new asset.

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